AI to replace Human-induced jobs

Artificial Intelligence is one of the greatest advancement in the evolution of technology. It has peaked the smartness of man and has bounded it into the capsule of ultimate excellence. In this article, we are speaking about the jobs that will be replaced by AI.

Job 1: Telemarketing

Telemarketing is one of the very prone human-induced jobs that are going to be replaced by AI. You must have already come across the Telecalls, and the AI produced voice modules that respond to the calls like humans. These are more efficient than human beings. It is believed that humans lose interest after answering the same set of questions again and again; after which their performance will naturally come down. In order to provide effective customer service, many institutes are switching to AI.

Jo b2: Bookkeeping Clerks

This is the second most prone job that is in the niche of complete extinction for human. Most of the bookkeeping is becoming automated. There are already many bookkeepers online that are widely utilized and popular in the market.

Job 3: sales manager

This is very efficient, and most demanded jobs. It involves a lot of energy and efficiency, but imagine when such a performed job is also overtaken by the AI then, it is shortly going to be a threat to the human-induced jobs.

Job 4: Receptionists

This job is 96% prone to be replaced by the machines. This is because the designs of these machines are developed in such a way that, the modernization has proved its multi-dimensional caliber to solve problems with intelligence.

Job 5: Courier services

If you are aware of the technological advancement in the contemporary world, everything is gradually taking the form of digital; initially, the delivery of packages was carefully handled by the human sources, but even these are highly replaced by the robots and the drones. The study says that already 42% of the delivery is replaced by these machines. These machines are absolutely made of AI technology.

Job 6: Proofreaders

This is the very impacting changes, or replacement AI has introduced to the world of writers and readers. Just a decade back, the writers still had the same demand as before, but after the AI, almost all of the streams where writers had a platform are replaced.

Job 7: Advertise expert

As human comfort is growing, so is the marketing strategy. The demand is elevating because of technological channels available. The advertising agency these days are at the peak of competition. The introduction of AI is contributing immensely to the niche of advertisement.

Job 8: Drivers

This is a highly shocking and emerging job replacement that is achieved by the introduction of AI. Humans are rational animals, and they cannot handle the stress and fatigue level after a certain gauge of time. Due to these numerous cases of accidents that are taking place. AI is providing the best way to reduce accident rates through its intelligence.